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Before The Rain


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Last Friday i grabbed the rod and wandered down to bash the flats.

It was the bottom of the tide and i skipped a plastic across the surface

just out from the weed and was met by stoney silence. So i cast out an

unweighted plastic and just let it drift in the current. i watched it drift

off the flat into deep water and saw the line dart off. I tightened up

and landed a reasonable EP. So with the tactic working i kept at it slowly

sinking the plastic in the current down and along the drop off. I picked up a small

flattie as the tide started to turn and then i was casting out into the deep

and letting the plastic drift up and along the drop off when the line stopped.

I tightened up and felt a big angry head shake and then nothing. 4lb braid and leader,how

hard was i going to go on this one. Well i gave it a steady lift and felt it come of the bottom

trying to shake the plastic the she took off. With lots of luck the leader held untill i beached her

and then it snapped. 64cm of flattie, my best on bream gear, was pointed back into the water to swim away.

Soon after i got another at 49cm and another smaller one and then it rained...

Saturday i fished the same tides for only a small flattie and not another tap.

Sunday not a touch. I blame the rain.

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