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Jewie Set Up:))


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A bit of both.

Mainly Wharf and shore.

On the Hawkesbury we hire a place at Bar point which is a jew hot spot and im planning to have a few poddies out from the wharf at night. Plenty of bream and flathead there too.

Iv'e heard good things about the soron so i might have to get it:)

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hey guys,

i'm looking for a jewie set up.

Mainly for estuary fishing and i need to know some good rods, reels, braid and rigs etc.

Is the Abu Soron STX any good??

Any help would be very appreciated.

Dont know much about Abu, but the new D series Shimano Baitrunners are awesome :thumbup: I have an 8000 size model and cant fault it.. I think a much better reel than the B series, the 12kg drag is just one of many new features..For $250 you would have yourself a reel well capable of handling any jewie ;)

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I checked out the STX the other day at my local tackle store, the 60 seemed about the right size and pretty light. Now i just need to save up for a while :thumbdown: I would probably get the Baitrunner, but because i'll be using plastics just as much as bait it's not really worth the extra price and weight I dont think.

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