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Going To Try And Crack The Botany Code


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G'Day Crew,

Sometime this week when timing allows, I am going to try and hit Botany Bay again.

Went on Saturday, for a single 40cm flatty, casting sp's at likely area's. Mainly weed patches. Got the flatty in shallows at the "entrance" of Wolloware Bay.

Fellow Raiders have suggested Towra Pt. and drifting along Brighton.

Any further tips?

I am determined to get a PB whilst on days off.



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Definitely try Towra the Groins and the Sticks.

Go light in the jig heads and if something isnt working change and change again untill you get something, maybe start off with 80mm wrigglers blood in blood worm which is working great for me at the moment

I would deffently take Andrew " The Iceman " up on his offer he will deffently find you fish



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G'Day Guys,

Thank you for the replies and those that replied via PM.

Unfortunately I lost my Botany map, so will have to get another to identify these area's.

I have nearly every squidgy/gulp under the sun, so I change frequently. Are 9g Squidgy jig heads ok?

Iceman, will send you a PM.



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