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Haines Hunter V17L


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Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to this site.

I have recently bought a HH V17L. It currently runs a 90 hp, but I would like more hp to push it along quicker with gear etc. The recommend max power is 160hp, I was wondering if any body else has upgraded or know something about upsizing the motor to a 175hp or higher ? in this model haines?


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Hi, if you are going to insure the boat, which you should, you will not be able to go over what the compliance plate says and still be covered. That said V17L perform great with the right 90HP, like a V4 but yes would be a bit under powered with a 3 cylinder 90HP. If you are wanting to repower the boat with a new clean tech engine a 115HP E-TEC would be ideal for that hull, great performance and fuel economy, clean and quiet and the lowest ownership costs and it is a good time to buy now with the cash back on offer.

If you would like some prices on new outboard PM me and I can give you some figures form both cleand and dirty tech engines.



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Thanks for responses.

Thunderace - So that would require an engineers certificate?

After going thru the process of trying to uprate a hull, unless the manufacturer will do it, NO CHANCE, and I doubt the manufacturer will want anything to do with it either. I was only talking about 5hp difference !!!

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