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Downrigger Set Up?


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I raiders I've just bought a downrigger and have a few questions. Should I put my rod in the rod holder provided with the downrigger or put it in the boat. I'm a bit concerned about putting a $1500+ rod and reel in a plastic rod holder. If not should I put the rod in front or behind the downrigger, the downrigger will be in one of the rod holders as well. I'm getting serious about catching my first kingie this season and need a little help. Many thanks in advance.

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Oapns - $1500 rod and reel. What is it?

Be careful with that rod holder Penguin... They are not real reliable! At the very least i would advise puuting a safety line on your rod if it is in that holder. It is easy to get blase until you have seen a rod holder get destroyed by a big hit from a King!

By the look of your cable it might be time to change to braid (or new cable) as well. I kept persisting with cable until i lost 2 bombs in 2 trips due to corroded cable snapping. Pain in the arse!!! Especially if the fishing is good and you have to stop!

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