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Botany Bay


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Hi every one,

I haven't posted lately as i have been time poor so heres a quick report.

We have been fishing the bay in the last few weeks and have found it be

a little quiet most outings. There has been the odd Trev about and Salmon.

Any legal Kings have been hard to find,Molli pt has only produced undersize

Kings. So on Thurs we decided to get the downriggers out and work them just

outside the bay. We had live yakkas on one dr and dead Garfish on the other.

We had 4 hook ups on the yakkas on 15kg mono, one hook up resulted in a spat

hook, twice we were reefed by what felt like good fish, we managed to land one

legal King at 67cm on our largest yakka, beats me how this King thought he

could down a yakka that size.

On the other dr trolling Gars we again got reefed twice as we were in shallow

water, had a spat hook and Gar once, and we landed two undersize Kings.

On our last troll back over this spot I decided to add another gar and troll it

behind the boat just under the surface. It only lasted in the water about 5 mins

when I noticed a green back followed by thrashing yellow forked tail rush at

speed towards our Gar. Zzzzzzzzzzzz the Spheros reel screamed, I let the King run

in the hope he swallows the bait. When I struck I felt the heavy weight of a good

fish. My mate Bill steers the boat gently out into deeper water, the King lets go

and the line goes limp, I crank the reel handle two rotations and I'm hit again and

line peels of the reel. Then slack line again, I crank the reel handle a few turns

again as I tell Bill we lost the fish, then zzzzzzzz again I'm on, after a short

fight where the fish stays near the surface the whole time, but takes me around the

boat a few times, we have a very fat metre plus King boatside. It was at this point

Bill realizes the net wont be big enough so he swaps it for the gaff. As he leans over

beside me I guide the King out from under the boat, it was at this point that we saw

my Gars head and my hook depart the fishes mouth. In a split second he dove down and

was gone, we were devastated :( Some people on the rocks yelled out what was it,

we told them, big King.

We tried another pass over the same area but nothing got touched, due to the sloppy

conditions we packed it in and went back into the bay. We anchored up and soaked

some baits but the wind made it very hard to fish. The oil wharf and Molli pt

produced a big fat zero, and the 3rd runway produced a Trev and five Salmon all

caught on pilly cubes and prawns. We released three of the sambos and kept two for the


We have caught a few of these lil ones over the last few weeks on pilly cubes and prawns,

post-1664-093899100 1290217884_thumb.jpg

Some fish from Thursdays outing,

post-1664-008150500 1290217916_thumb.jpg

post-1664-052585700 1290217939_thumb.jpg

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that kingie didnt look that big in your hand but once it is compared with the sambo and the trev, it looks really BIG. well done

Thats my neighbours son Jono in that 1st pic, that King was caught end of last month,

the ones we got that day were all small, 55-60cm. The King in the bottom pic is from

Thurs outing.


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