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Shimano Beastmaster 30/50 Servicing


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Hi all

This is my first posting on this forum...

I took out the old BeastMaster today (it's over 15 years old but has only been used maybe 10 times and so is immaculate) and was about to tie a bimini twist to form a double leader. But, I found that I couldn't get the reel to freespool. Then I started loosening and tightening the drag dial and afterwards heard a rough sound as I began winding the line back on the reel. Also, when I pulled line off the reel the handles turned.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong with the reel?

Anyway, I saw the do-it-yourself article on this website regarding the Shimano Tld 20 and 25 reels and wonder if servicing the BeastMaster would be similar?

Also, anyone know how much such a reel would cost to be serviced by Shimano?



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Sounds like you have a host of problems inside the reel, GCC.

Not being used much doesn't mean the reel is in good order (as you've found out). After 15 years, any corrosion problems are going to have plenty of time to do damage and it sounds like you've got some major corrosion problems.

Just for a start, I'd be looking at the the side plate bearing, the anti-reverse dogs, the spool bearings. At a guess, I'd say that on one of those few outings, the reel copped a lot of water and is now showing the effects.

The reel needs a full strip down and service and WILL need parts. Try taking it in to Global Tackle or to Shimano if not confident to do it yourself.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hi guys

Thanks for the replies.

I have just taken the reel apart. I should say firstly that I've taken very good care of the rule - 90% of the time it was used at Julianne and never copped a splash. Fair enough, salt water might have been driven into it by spray, but I always gave it a while over with a damp cloth and stored it properly.

Well, the reel is spotless inside; looks like it was greased brand new yesterday. White grease everywhere. No salt accumulation at all. No corrosion. But! Both brass dog springs look like twisty's! While I'd removed these and reassembled the reel it all works fine - freespools etc. I think what happens is that when the springs are bent and useless, the dogs fall into the grooves in the clutch plate and prevent the spool from free spooling as well as causing the handles to rotate while the line is pulled off the spool.

Anyway, someone suggested a $180 rebuild - glad I had a 5 minute inspection before I opted for that.

So, I'll phone Shimano and try to get new springs. I've just bent the old ones back in place and will see how the reel performed (but won't use it for kings until I get new springs). I onced caught a 15kg king at Julianne with a plain model Alvey and don't really want to put up with spinning handles again - not fun...



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