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Uni Textbook Giveaway


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I've completed uni for a while now so most of these book will probably not fit into current cirriculums. I have thought about throwing them into the recycle bin. But i am giving them away hopefully someone will find a use for them and are in very good condition. These books might be dated but the concepts are most liekly the same. To give you an idea of the books, i completed electical engineering with a bit a software & telecommunications engineering.

So if you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, mate or yourself who might be interested in these books, please PM me.

Software Engineering, Roger S Pressman, 5th Edition

Digital Communications, Bernard Sklar, 2nd Edition

Operating Systems, William Stallings, 4th Edition

Working Knowledge, Thomas H Davenport/Laurence Prusak, 1998

PHP, MySQL, Apache, Julie C Meloni, 2003

Communication Systems using MATLAB, John G Proakis, 2000

Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB, Vinay Ingle, 2000

Network Security Essentials, William Stallings, 2000

Java, C Thomas Wu, 1999

C by example, Craig Perry, 1999

C How to Program, Deitel & deitel, 2nd Edition

C in 21 Days, Peter Aitken, 5th Edition

Telecommunications, Warren Hioki, 3rd Edition

Wireless Communications, Thedore Rappaport, 1996

Cryptography & Network Security, William Stallings 2nd Edition

Basic Electric and Circuit Analysis, David E johnson, 5th Edition

Electric Cicuits Solved Problems, Syed A Naser

Programming with C, Byron Gottfried, 2nd Edition

Signals & Sytems, Hwei P hsu

Digital Signal Processing, Monson H Hayes

Fundamentals of Signal & Systems MATLAB, Edward W Karan, 2nd Edition

Transform Cicuit Analysis, William D Stanley, 4th Edition

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