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Fishing In Canberra


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Hey everyone,

Ive been catching quite a few redfin at lake tuggeranong on softplastics and was wondering if anyone knew any really good types to use.

Also does anyone know any good spots and/or techniques for catching natives esp golden perch

Thanks heaps Jeremy :1fishing1:

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I have had my best results in areas that have rocky bottoms and weeds nearby. Before I moved away, my favourite spot to go redfin fishing was under (and to either side) the bridge near the ANU rowing club. The bike path goes right past this spot so its an easy ride in (I used to ride there from Latham). Or you can park on the side of the road towards black mountain peninsula and walk in from there.

I had great success around that area using Rebel wee crawdads (a hard body) especially when the barometer was rapidly dropping. Id walk right next to the lake with the lure about 3-4 meters behind me and "troll" up and down the concrete edge of the lake. The water is about 1.5-2 m deep and the redfin would hold hard against the wall. Otherwise I would stand facing towards the lake proper and cast into the lake. Id let the lure sit for a minute or so and slowly crank it in. The bottom there is pretty rocky (I know because Ive waded there) and the redfin love hiding in the crevasses and ambushing the lure.

The other place Ive had a lot of success is the little bay around the water police station (not sure its still a police station) in Lake Ginninderra right next to the Belconnen Mall. Anyway the bay actually is a man made concrete wall in the shape of an L. There is a strip of rocky bottom that goes about 5 meters from the wall into the lake. Immediately beyond the rocky bottom is natural bottom were the weeds start to grow. In this strip of water you will find redfin. But this gem of a spot is at its very best just before a thunderstorm when it produces amazing yellowbelly fishing. Lures cast at a 45 degree angle in the first meter or so of the weeds (ie dont cast straight out in front of you but cast at an angle to your left or right ) and slowly retrieved will most likely produce the goods. My biggest yellow belly from there went just shy of 8kgs. Caught plenty up to 2 or 3 kgs as well.

I only had one lure in my tacklebox to catch these fish. A rebel crawdad up to about 75 mm. Other yabbie imitations just didnt seem to cut the mustard.


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Hey buddy,

I live in Gordon and the inlaws have a place that backs right on to lake Tuggeranong. I have my 4.2m tinny registered for the lake and I'm on tuggers all the time. If u have a boat or something go to lake burly griffin. And go to the small island. You can see it from the police jetty or black mtn peninsula. I was their a few weeks before the floods and pulled out 54 500gm-920gm red fin in 2hrs.

I just use the spinners from ******. And cut sick. I have caught plenty of golden perch opposite the governor generals house. My mate said their is some cod near the wall.

Not to sure how it's been after the floods though. I will go out in the next week or so and I'll let you know.

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