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Water Temps


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to all you raiders who frequent parra river or lane cove river does anyone know the rough average of the water temp lately? just trying to get a gauge on it and also has there been alot of mullet moving upriver yet or still pretty patchy???

any info is greatly appreciated.... :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

also anyone had any run ins up there yet with the bull sharks or has it been pretty quiet??

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Hey Brett

In the last couple of weeks the water has been holding around the 19.5 to 20.5 region. One day i was out it was nudging 21 C. Depends a little on what the tide is doing as there have been some patches of seriously cold water straight out the front of the heads.

As to sharks - can't help you there mate. Never targetted them before in the harbour so can't comment.

There do seem to be plenty of mullet jumping if that is what you are after...

Good luck

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hey Jim thanks for that,

the water temp is already in the general area of where it needs to be for me...

and no not after the mullet but what i am chasing feeds on the mullet schools :biggrin2: so hearing they're about is very encouraging!!

i might have to pull my finger out and get out there!

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