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I made one for the 14ft rear steer tinny recently, it wasn't cheap, but that wasnt the point, i wanted one i could operate from the position i sit when driving (so I could go out by myself). The issue for me was that that downriggers on the market sit on the transom or somewhere similar and you have to face the back of the boat to operate. I needed to face the front.

Mine is made from a 22mm stainless tube, 2m in length, onto which i glued and screwed a 24mm reel seat and affixed an 825BCV Alvey (now with a 925 handle). I used the alvey (with a drag) and the 100lb braid (lower strength than others use) as i didnt want to risk any hicups when snagging the bottom (in a not so heavy boat). The tube is fixed to the boat using heavy duty Bimini fixtures. The braid goes over a roller mounted about half way down the tube, thru two drill holes in the tube at that point, protrudes out the underside of the tube, goes over a second roller (on the bottom of the tube) and finally around one last roller at the end and into the water. All works well. As you can see in the video, i have it set up so i can watch the sounder and adjust the depth whilst driving (by my self that is). Attached an 8lb round bomb with a fin


(I note the video is pre the reel seat and the 925 handle, which were later mods)

Hope this helps...

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