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Gulp Baits,


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Hi guys

I have a set of small mullet gulp baits, and was curious if they do have to be jigged. Really if they have the scent they tell you about, that means that a lazy jew will still pick it up at the bottom of the water right?

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ive caught a few flatties, and bream with the gulp just sitting on the bottom, but it was mostly luck, as they just suck the bait, and spit it out,

they dont seem to attack the gulp like when your working it,

it will catch you fish, but not ideal to just leave it there


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Well, the reason for not using real bait is because worms or live mullets are harder to obtain then a pack of gulp baits, also if they have x400 scent that means thats a dead looking mullet would still have some respectable attraction. I know they are meant to be worked, but jew fish hang down deep and its hard to jig a soft plastic heaps low specially with rocks in the water.


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mate caught a flathead today letting the gulp prawn drift in the current


Thats awsome good stuff, i tried this morning 5 am run for a jew and something big smashed my tube worm and ran under the rocks and snapping the line. spewing lol

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