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Botany Bay Tips


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Hey Guys,

Im new to using fishraider so excuse me if topics like this had been brought up previously.

Ive been refurbishing my boat for the past 2 months and I can tell you its getting a little frustrating not being able to get out on the bay and experience some fun.

I havnt been on the water for around 6 months now due to travel and work.

Could anyone provide some info on where I could access reports on botany bay or better provide your own feedback.

I look forward to your responses guys.


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Just use our search function on the forum, look for "Botany Bay" and also "Scotty Lyons" he's one of our sponsors and runs Southern Sydney Fishing Tours, there's heaps of reports and discussion in the forums about Botany Bay.

Search feature is up top right hand side of the page.

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