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Macmasters Beach


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G'day mate, I know you said rocks but the beach is the same as most, you could always chuck a pilly in and maybe get a salmon or tailor. The beach is prone to a bit of kelp type weed though, as CC said though with these persistant noreasters and swell from the same direction it could be a bit dangerous around the rocks..

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bugger after a quick check on google maps i thought the northerlies would do well cos it seemed to be south facing.... are there any protected spots? I can always do the lake nearby etc i love rough conditions tho at the corners of beaches as long as its nowhere dangerous i know that fish come way closer to feed wen its all suddy specially the jewfish so might actually take a beach rod and some of my squid.

btw thanks for the invaluable info.... this saves me a lot of trouble and some potential dangerous situations.

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