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Squidding In The Northerlies.


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Hey all,

Apparently there is a squid deficit going on (tho my problem is with the kingfish lol) so i thought i wud share a bito advice when these northerlies cause a bit of havoc on the harbour. Another good landbased spot off the rocks is the north side of bondi beach which can really provide the squid at times. Prime time would be low tide on the change of light with northerly winds to calm the sea down which are pretty much the conditions now :) it can be a bit dangerous tho so if u go make sure u take a buddy and appropriate fishing wear (light clothes n cleats).

Another good spot is the north facing side of Tamarama just down the road but its even more dangerous and involves a long walk down past a hobos place so take it very carefully. Good weed patches there can also fire for the calamari. Won't talk bout this place much as its a bit dangerous and don't wanna create mass drownings there :P

The squid are usually a bit bigger so more ideal for eating/strip baits but that's only my experience.


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will do in the next couple of days as im going away in the next half hour for a night up north. If ur near the beach its pretty easy tho theres only 1 path that takes u around the rocks

Hi Stefan, can those locations be accesses by boat or its too shallow and boat hull may hit the rocks?

Regards, Phil

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