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Afternoon Bass Session


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I've been hanging to hit the water again since I got home from Glenbawn last week, and finally Thursday arvo the weather was ok and the planets were aligned. So myself and Stuball (stew) decided we'd give the Georges river in the Kentlyn area a try. Stuball had never caught Bass before and I hadnt been down to this section of the river since last summer but was confident that we could put him on to his first Aussie Bass.

It only took a couple of casts until Stew was onto a healthy LITTLE fish that tryed to eat a lure not much smaller than itself. It was only a small one but Stew was pleased with himself (a Bass is a Bass!!!) The fish weren't really "on" but we managed half a dozen fish ranging from tiny to pretty respectable. Best fish of the arvo was a nice Bass of at least 35cm that gently sipped my river 2 sea cicada from the surface just before dark.

I think stew has the bug now...so we'll be back for another try in the near future. Here are a couple of pics.

Stews first and second Bass

post-1673-002245800 1290763080_thumb.jpg

post-1673-078715700 1290763090_thumb.jpg

the best of the arvo

post-1673-062664700 1290763104_thumb.jpg



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Great to see a good population of small fish... signs of a healthy waterway. You're a bad man though for infecting someone new with the Bass addiction... just think of all the trouble you've probably caused once all the new lures start filling Stew's tackle boxes. :biggrin2:

Cheers, Slinky

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well done fellas.smitty,could you let me know where abouts in the georges you were fishn for the bass,as you knw wen i meet you with josh at chippo,im keen to chase sum surface bass soon.pm me if you dont want every1 to know the location.

cheers johnny. :beersmile::thumbup:

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Awesome wild river basses! :thumbup:

Wenever i fish this stretch of waterway its 50 fingerlings to 1 photo or measure stick worthy fish but u know what, sumthing about being away from all the jet skis and weekend warriors casting lures in calm water. Its an awesome way to spend an afternoon

Well done lads


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G'day mate,

I remember when you popped my Bass cherry in the very same spot :1yikes: Looking forward to going back as

that was a great arvo of fishing. That one you hooked was a ripper :thumbup:.

Lets book it in soon mate as i am hanging or are you only taken virgins????



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