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Whitesands Comp


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Major Prize winners were as follows:


1. Most Meritorious Game Fish- Andrew Clark from Fishing World with a 32.8kg YFT

2. Heaviest Shark- Todd Morley from Run-a-muck with a 172.4kg Mako

3. Heaviest YFT to Paul Orchard from INXS with a 41.2kg YFT

4. Heaviest other Game fish to Josh Hay from Impulsive with a 78.4kg Big Eye Tuna

5. Champion Junior- Josh Hay from Impulsive


Tag and Release

1. Highest Point Scoring Male Angler to Cliff Lipscombe from Trust in Dreams

2. Highest Point Scoring Lady Angler to Elspith Finney from Double D

3. Highest Point Scoring Junior to Josh Hay

4. Highest Point Scoring Small Fry to Mike James from Illusion

5. Most Marlin Tag and Release Boat to Trust in Dreams with 1.

6. Most Sharks Tag and Release Boat to Grey Hounder with 7 (I think)

7. Most YFT Tag and Release to Angie II with 7

8. Highest Point Scoring Boat Grey Hounder

Total Tallies

171 Anglers

48 Boats

180 Species recorded

67 YFT Total

55 YFT Tagged

12 Captured

1 x 78.4 KG Big eye Tuna Pending Record for Junior on 37kg

1 Marlin tagged, several lost

28 Mako Sharks Total

19 Makos Tagged

9 makos Captured

1 Dolphin fish weighed, several caught and kept for tucker.


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