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And to answer the various inquiries, also how many reels I currently have... which goes to prove that the answer must be correct :074:

That's actually a lot fewer than many of our other Raiders. In taking the photo specially for Hodgey, I did discover that I've been miscounting and I actually own 12 ABUs. In case PureFishing Marc is reading... that's not a bad market share!

post-6175-007852400 1290835973_thumb.jpg

PLEEEEEEASE don't show Mrs Slinky... It's an oldie that I've used many times before but I'm terrified that when I die she might sell them all for what I said I paid for them.

Cheers, Slinky :biggrin2:

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Hey Slinky that is some collection you have there, think of how many kilometers of line has passed through them, I also think I recognise one of those little white bodied threadlines in the centre.. LOL :thumbup:

P.S. hey Mrs Slinky , they only cost him $10.00 each.. :074:

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It would be more like 50 if you count the ones you didn't want & gave to me!! :thumbup:

That would include an ABU wouldn't it mate? That was until I showed you how tough they are!!

It's alright Slinky. When you get sick of your stradics, oceanos & the like I'll show you how to use & abuse those as well!!! :074:

Very nice selection mate. if you need any tips on how to use them just ask.



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Hey Slinky did u say a dollar for each of them reels, or we tell the mrs :074: :074: hoah, very nice collection there buddy looks like u realy look after your gear like many of us well done:thumbup:

cheers john

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Slinky, you are a true tragic :1yikes:

Its just nice to tinker with those engineering marvels, let alone use them :thumbup:

My collection is embarassing too......very embarassing :wife:

Might be time to have another cull shortly.



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