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North Haven Boat Ramp


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I wasn't to sure where to post these pic's :biggrin2:

I spent the weekend at North Haven not far from the from the break wall..about 30km south from Port Macquarrie.. I was visiting my 5 yr old daughter..Well I didnt take a rod with me so i thought I would have a look around and talk to some locals about the place to get some info on spots and bait and anything else I could learn.. :thumbup:

Well I came across this ramp. It was 100m down the road from a great motel I stayed at.. A great tackle shop across the road with fresh and frozen bait. He also had a great selection of lures and all the gear i could seem to think of..

The ramp enters into a sheltered little channel then opens into the main channel, where you can choose to fish the shallows or head over the Bar and head out side.. :1fishing1:

This is only a small community and the was a ramp everywhere you could imagine.. All with WARNING sign's and cleaning tables

I hope you like the photo's

2 lane ramp

post-6381-068018600 1290933980_thumb.jpg

post-6381-019495900 1290934191_thumb.jpg

Warning sign about BAR

post-6381-090764500 1290933992_thumb.jpg

Cleaning table

post-6381-056592300 1290934394_thumb.jpg

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