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Identifying Different Fish From The Sounder....


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Hi All

I've been using the Lowrance LMS339C 50/200hz sounder for several years, and whilst I've been getting better and better at using it - I've still got a way to go. I use the manual sensitivity, and keep it fairly high, and attempt to "interpret" the data myself - with only limited success.

I have a few questions you may be able to help with:

  1. How to identify different types of fish? I've seen people be able to say from a sounder image that that is a Kingfish, Jewfish, a school of baitfish, a school of leather jacket, some Snapper, or just rubbish fish (sweep etc). How can you tell? Can anyone share images or give hints?
  2. What depth should I be using 200hz at? So I'm told to use 50Hz in deep water, and 200hz in shallow water. How deep is deep? How shallow is shallow? I fish crookhaven river (5-10m), but I also fish outside (20-120m)
  3. What settings should I change? As I move to different types of fishing, and different depths - what settings should I be aware of and change? As I move from 5m to 100m? As I move from sand to reef? As I anchor or drift? Are there any settings I should be (in particular) changing?



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