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1St Bassday


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Howdy Raiders,

Been a while since my last post. Woke up this morning and said to the wife 'let's go for a Bass fish'. By the way, never been Bass fishing before. She responded correctly and said 'ok'. Anyway, an hour or so later, were on the water in our yaks chucking some lures around. Middle of the day, so we had a spinner-bait going to fish deep and a suspending/shallow running hard body. Saw about half a dozen or so surface takes of various bugs within the first hour. We got to our half-way point up the river and turned around to head home with no luck. That was until the missus suggested 'why don't you change lure'. Second cast with a Berkley MF50..........WHHHOOOOOSSSSHHHHKKKKAAAAAA. Chucked it right up towards the edge of the bank at the base of this big plant living half in the water, and out came my first bass to gobble up my offering. A minute later, I had my first Australian Bass in the yak. Released to get bigger and fatter for the next lucky fisher. 38cm and just over the kilo mark.

Good Fishing,


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