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Attaching Xmas Trees And Jetheads To Main Line?


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I bought quite a few Xmas trees and other trolling lures (pre-rigged ones) and they have 150lb leader with a crimped loop. What is the best way to attach that to braid? Use a snap swivel???? Or tie some sort of knot?

Feedback is very much appreciated.


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After seeing this post I decided to give it a go yesterday afternoon.

I wasn't sure the purpose of using the Xmas tree to catch fish, but figured I'd give it a go as I haven't had much success lately.

The missus was at work, so I packed the Xmas tree on the boat, and headed out into middle harbour. I attached it using a snap swivel as suggested and threw it over the side. I wasn't sure which end to attach the swivel to, but clipped it on the top so at least the tree would stay upright in the water. I have to admit, the flashing coloured lights dimmed a little as it went into the water and I lost a couple of silver balls as it went in over the side.

Well, 5 minutes had passed with no bites but I was still hopefull.

After about 10 minutes of nothing, I decided to retrieve it to make sure the bait I had attached to the branches was still there.

Got it about half way back up when the knot attaching the leader gave way :ranting2:

Now I just have to work out how to get a 6ft plastic pine tree, 150 flashing lights, and about 50 coloured balls back up from the bottom of the harbour before the missus asks me "what happened to our Xmas tree?"

Cheers! :074:

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