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Pittwater King Frenzy


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Out on Pittwater today doing so kingy fishing and drifting for flatties and a massive school of kingies / tailor was busting up MASSIVE hundreds of kingies all undersized but would not take a lure.

chucked poppers, soft plastics and cromeies at them, and only managed a few hits and a good tailor from this school.!!!??

out of the 100 BOATS !!! following this school from left to right looked like only a few people were hooking up (they were fly fishing)???

any other raiders out there amongst the mayhem ???


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I was in the 25 Bertram with a mate off West head. We were chucking metal slugs and SPs at them and didn't get one take. Then some peanut went and trolled straight through sending them down :ranting2::1badmood: , while all the other boats kept on the edges and cast in.


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I have had a few instances like this latley in the Pittwater... I find when the kings are like this, which is often at this time of year, if they are not taking lures... If they are not miving too fast chuck a handfull of burley, pilchards and they should come in and have a look and then hook up on a just bigger than a yakka hook a little and i mean tenticle of a squid and put it in the middle of the burley and then hold on...

Um i recon they are feeding on the little white bait things or eyes... Recently all the salmon, kings and bonnies have been spittting it when i catch em....

Hope this helps

SquidKing Combo

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