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In The Harbor Today


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I thought i'd get one more fishing trip under the belt and get out into the harbour before the madness of New Years eve. Left the dock at around 6 and got straight into some smallish Bonito around Bradleys Head. Further up towards Chowder Bay hooked a nice Salmon( my first) about 3kgs both on a red and white Rapala. The christmas tree was left untouched until just out of the heads with a better sized Bonito. Tried some drifting with squid but nothing and other boats seemed quiet.

The harbour was getting very busy by 9am so back home but happy with the result.

No photos, sorry.

Happy New Year

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That's about right. Went out yesterday - saw schools of bonitos swimming with kingfish . Birds working but fish was very finicky - they were only eating massive amounts of small white bait.

Happy New Year to all and may we have more days to fish !

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