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braid thickness for drift fishing 40-60m


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Hi all,

Long time reader, 1st time poster (so be gentle).

I recently bought a couple of rods and reels for drift fishing over the 40-60m mark. I purchased some 50lb tufline braid for the reels and now I'm questioning whether I should go lighter (thinner diameter) as I haven't spooled the reels yet...actually, I haven't even received the rods/reels yet....

Recently I was out fishing (drifting over the 40m-60m mark in a bit of wind) and my mate was using quite thick braid (we have no idea of the breaking strain as the reel was 2nd hand and came with the braid). I, on the other hand, was using thin 20lb braid on my 4000 spinning reel (making do until my rods/reels turned up). We noticed that since my braid was thinner, my line was getting to the bottom a lot quicker and also staying nearer the bottom while drifting (requiring less work to keep it on the bottom). Should I opt for a thinner diamater braid for this fishing then and so go down to say 20-30lb?


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don't think the thickness is all that important

more important is what are you wanting to go chase with it??

no point useing nice thin light line if your chaseing some butes that love liveing on the hard reefs because you will need more stopping power than anything

that said if it is things like snapper then yeh you can get away with light thin line

so yeh more to do with what your wanting to chase

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