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Kings on dusk


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Went out for a fish with fellow raider Fishmaniac this evening. With the late high tide the conditions were perfect for another shot at some evening Kings.

Hit the water at about 6:10pm - sounded around for a while and covered a lot of ground. Lots of surface action spread right through the harbour but we couldn't find the fish we were looking for. We were going to give up when finally at about 8pm we found some good shows of fish. Next casts double hook up to what both seemed like good fish.

Mine went 90cm and was very solid, Andrews went 85cm. Kept one sent the other back. After about 5 mins of searching we found the school again. We got another mid 80s fish and a few rats before it got dark and the fish went off the bite.

Back at the ramp by 8:30.

Another great short session.

Pics to follow

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Nice work Jim, another plastics session?

Off to NZ again tomorrow so hopefully get a few big ones, spoke to our guide today said he got smoked on real heavy gear this morning so fingers crossed!

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Nice kings there guys.

We did well last year catching them on dusk. They seem to like getting in a quick feed before bedtime.

Might have to hit out in the morning, but I might go for a Jew as I can smell em ATM.


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How do you guys weight the bigger stick baits? Just a ball sinker in front of the hook? Or do you mainly fish them unweighted?


I dunno about Jim and Andrew, but I use up to 1 and 1.5 Oz jig heads in a 5/0 and 6/0 hook size. But go as light as possible, All depends on the depth and current strength you want to fish.


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