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Surgeonfish help needed



Picture 1 is a garden variety Sawtail Surgeon ~50cm I caught recently.

Pictures 2 & 3 &4 are of one I caught yesterday in the same location. It had many of the same body features [skin, tail scutes etc) but had a very different body shape. Looked sort of like a Sawtail Surgeonfish had mated with a maori wrasse [hump nose] and a luderick [thin stripes].

Any ideas appreciated.



post-6630-034493800 1294435677_thumb.jpgpost-6630-012891400 1294435708_thumb.jpgpost-6630-012891400 1294435708_thumb.jpgpost-6630-030648800 1294435730_thumb.jpgpost-6630-024883900 1294435784_thumb.jpg

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