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Golden Lure


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fished the golden lure today

28 boats fishing some ordainary weather but still giveing it a go

many Mahi mahi caught some taged some kept also a wahoo and some yellowfin tuna also with some tagged and some kept

on the marlin frount had a few dropped and while it is a bit quite still had one balck tagged one stripe tagged and one blue kept

thus far we are sitting 2nd in T&R with a mahi mahi and the stripe marlin

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comp ended with two marlin weighed 6 marlin tagged a load of good Mahi mahi some tuna and others

weather was a tad messy for the best part of the comp with alot of dirty water

on the personal side

we had champion tag and release small fry angler with us with a nice sized Mahi mahi hitting one fo the rods with 37kg line

boat came 6th in tag and release with a marlin tagged on 37kg and a couple of Mahi mahi

so not the results we were hopeing for or after but still very happy with the results anyway

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some pics

stripe marlin approx 70kg tagged and released first day

Mahi mahi tagged and release by our small fry approx 12kg on the third day (second day called off)

13kg of Mahi mahi caught with a one way trip to the BBQ

our small fry getting his throphy at the presitaion

Our small fry showing off his winnings (TLD20 2spd, spool on 15kg line, trophy, and a hollowpoint lure)

post-7043-046537700 1295147936_thumb.jpg

post-7043-051700100 1295147961_thumb.jpg

post-7043-047694400 1295147987_thumb.jpg

post-7043-053614200 1295148005_thumb.jpg

post-7043-002487000 1295148024_thumb.jpg

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