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Saturday on the Bay


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Hi everyone,

In response to my post asking for some help on Botany Bay, SQUIDN (Moe) and I organised a trip for saturday. Picked him up at 6am after getting lost trying to find his house (must get a GPS for the car!) and we were on the water around 6:30.

Headed straight out to the bay from the Como boat ramp with the intent of starting at Mol Pt. We saw some surface action and out of his magic fishing bag (which seemed to contain an endless variety of fishing gear) Moe rigs up a couple of lures and we start trolling around the boils that kept popping up everywhere. A few mins later my reel starts its muted scream and I land my first eve Bonito! Not long after Moe lands a second. The next pass see's me land barely legal tailor that manages to hook itself with all 3 points on the treble. First time I've ever seen a hook up THAT good :biggrin2:

A few boats start showing up so Moe switches to a metal jig and starts sight casting at the boil. I look around the bottom of my boat, pick up my graphite SP rod, slap a 4" pillie pattern squidgie on it and follow his example. A few casts later I get smashed, apply a bit of pressure and watch my line start zipping around the boat. This is around the point I discover that 6lb braid with no leader isn't a match for sharp teeth. Live and learn!! :074:

Fish are moving around a lot and I'm keen to take a crack at a Kingie so we head towards the runways. We get to the yellow markers and Moe says "This isn't Mol Pt?". "I'm new to the Bay and I know that." I reply. A few laughs later we change course and go to the right spot. Find a good spot in the parking lot and drop down some Squid slabs Moe caught previously. Watch the boats on each side hooking into some rat kings as our rods remain depressingly still. Used the time to chat about fishing, top up on fluids and raid our lunches then we headed Watsons Reef for a drift.

Stopped around the 8m mark and some how the drift stayed at that depth pushed along by a light easterly breeze. My 3" nuclear chicken grub was merrily bouncing along the bottom and after we both dropped a couple striking late I'm on! A nice plate sized 40cm flattie comes over the side. Moe was true to his word since I'd told him if I couldn't get a Kingie a nice flattie for dinner would make me happy!

A few minutes later, Moe pulls in a lovely 50cm flathead. Guess he has to maintain his reputation if he's being a guide :thumbup: I finish the drift with a 30cm bream. We try the drift in a little closer but come up empty.

The wind starts to pick up so I suggest we try the river for a bit. We head back under the bridges towards Como and find a nice long shallow bank so the SP's go in again. More drinks and food, a few tentative touches later I bring an under-sized flattie on board that gets released.

By now I'm aware that with my phone out of batteries my :wife: will be wondering when I'm coming back so we head back to the ramp.

A big thanks to Moe for showing me a few spots around the Bay and sharing his fishing tips. I had a great day but in all the excitement only took one pic!

post-12171-034482700 1294523804_thumb.jpg

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