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Hit the Harbour late sat arvo


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Hello All

Headed out on saturday around 4pm for a quick troll and just purely to be on the water.

So we headed out of Tunks with Young Oz and Fishletic for a troll and see what surface action there was as i was a bit excited to be on the water i forgot the GPS :ranting2: at home so marking new spots was out of the question !!

As we travel from the boat ramp to the heads there was no surface action so now im thinking what the hell was i think when i planned this trip but keep the spirt and contuined to the heads, Once we got close to the heads it was time to test the lures.............. now Fishletic had brought these lure that he swears by is the best lure for Bonnies and never fails so we deployed one of these 100% bonnie catches and what do u know 5 mins into the troll we hook up on a Bonnie now there was high fives and i dont think it was cause of this fish i think it was just happiness that the lure is what he made it out to be....Anyway troll around for one more bonnie then over to middle head to have a flick at the tailors that were chopping and ended up with two in the bag there.

All on all had a great couple of hours !!!

See ya all on the water

Fishark :1fishing1:

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