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g-day i will be very quiet on here for a little while due to me being in & out of hospital due to a serious work injury,all ready had 2 operations over xmas & now going back every 2nd day for further treatment. slowly healing but there will be no work/ fishing for a little while. the doctors want my r/upper leg to fully heal up after bein inpalled on a 40mm pipe after fallin in a trench with mud in it whilst at work. Hope u all get a heap of fish while the festive season is here ...........

cheers all

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thanks raiders for the get wells, back home now & just gotta go to the hospital every second day for treatment & bandage changes.No work for a long while & even looks no fishin for a few weeks atleast 'bumma" looks like by the reports im reading there some good fish around looks like i might get some fish towards the end of summer season..

no worries paul cya then .

cheers all john

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