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plastics in the wind


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does anyone else hate it or is it just me?? maybe im doen something wrong, but when the boat getten blown across the lake like the motors goen it seems a bit hard to concentrate on flicken me plastics, i think i need to find sum more good spots to because lately everytime i go out my spots r blown out!! i fish in lake macquarie so i guess i can just go try find somewere out of the wind n flick away,just wondering does everyone else just go anyway when the winds howlen?? or stay home? (my rant for the month)

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Theres a couple of things to do to make it easier

If you have an autopilot leccie face the bow into the wind and use your autopilot to slow your drift and fish out of the stern of the boat

Or you can do the same by hanging a bucket on a rope or a drogue if you have one off the bow

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