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Hi everyone,

I'll start off by saying i used to go fishing with my dad once or twice a year when he had a day off work. I loved every moment of it, but we never really geared up very seriously so we only ever caught undersized or more commonly, nothing at all!

I'm a little older now and ive decided it'd be nice to start fishing more seriously and take it up as a hobby. I plan to get started by fishing narrabeen lake because im familiar with the area. And with this, i have a thousand questions :P

All of my questions below apply to narrabeen lake.

My dad taught me to tie a sinker directly to the main line and a hook further down. A bit of trolling through the boards has told me that people seem to tie leaders and all sorts of things. What kind of rig should i tie? And what hook and sinker size should i be using?

What time is best to fish, and do tides apply to the lake? Further, what bait should i be using (my dad and i normally cut up live beach and blood worms - seems to catch us small bream) and where should i be aiming when i cast?

A few of these have already been answered in the narrabeen lake article on here, but wanted to know what everyone else thought too.

Thanks in advance

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Can one of the local Northern Beaches Raiders take this fellow under their wing and show him the basics to get started on his quest.

:1welcomeani: to Fishraider.

Regards Swordfisherman

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