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Red Spot Disease in the Hacking?


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Hey Guys,

Over the past 6 months of fishing in the hacking i have noticed that some of the fishing in the hacking i have been catching seam to have alot of red lacerations on them. I have seen it mostly happening the aussie salmon i have been landing, though i have seen minor red lacerations in some bream and trevally i have caught also. I have always thought that these fish may have been attackked by predator fish though looking at the DPI website, they appear to be similar to what they describe as red spot disease.


Has anyone seen this in fish caught in the hacking? I have attached a photo of a salmon caught recently with scarring around the head and some minor liesions on the body. I am looking at forwarding these photos to DPI to see what they think. I will try to get some photos of the bream and trevally also.

post-3623-047316000 1294789137_thumb.jpg



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Thats alarming.. :o

Go back and have a watch of the video where Bloopin caught the 90cm jew on the Georges, I was with him that morning and seen the red marks on it. Initially i thought it was from the keeper net being towed behind the yak, he thought it was attacked by a larger fish but upon closer inspection no scales were missing.

I wonder if this fish came from the hacking or is the problem more widespread?

That was the 1st and last fish i saw from the Geroges with the problem.


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