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Bearing grease compativility

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First of all I'd like to thank Boofhead for his awesome three part post on changing trailer bearings. Gave me the confidence to do my first ever DIY bearing change which I completed this weekend. Could have taken it to a pro but having done it myself now I know how to do it if things ever go pear shaped on the road.

I have a question on mixing greases. I packed the bearings with Castrol boating grease (the blue stuff), but now I come to find out it isn't available in a grease gun tube. So what grease should I pump into my bearing buddies? I've read that greases shouldn't be mixed but there's got to be a grease packed in a tube that's compatible with Castrol boating grease. ANy advice would be appreciated.

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You dont necessarily need the tube you can hand load most grease guns.

A lot of them will suck grease back in but it's easier to get a bit dirty and fill the gun up from the back.

The Caltex blue grease has always been cheaper in the tub anyway.


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Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated.

Lambo, your advice seems to be spot on, I emailed Castrol to get their input and they advised that their lmx grease which does come in a tube is compatible with their boating grease. Don't know why they don't supply all their greases in both tubs and tubes but there you go.

Thanks again!

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