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Reef Magic - Port Stephens Report

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Hi all,

We had to delay or trip by a day as the weather was not forecast to be to flash on friday. We picked Andy, Browney & the Johnson boys up at Rose Bay at 6am for the long trip north to Port. The sea was still a bit lumpy from the previous few days but we expected it to settle as the day progressed. We punched north at 18 knots into a raging current heading south at around 3.5 knots until we got to Texas which is around 35 miles from Sydney - not expecting too many fish to be holding with that current we worked the area for 45 minutes looking for fish but none were to be found.

We again set a line for the canyons and up towards the car park and steamed for another hour until we were over the shelf. We set a spread of lures and half an hour later we had a good strike on the long corner Pakula Rat but the hooks unfortunately didn't pin the fish. Around an hour later the long rigger lumo sprocket sprang to life with a long solid run but again the hooks failed to find their mark.

There was a lot of birds south of the car park and we worked the area and got a small yellowfin on the sprocket so we down sized the lures and put some surface teasers out to entice the fin. Working the birds we managed 3 small fin and a heap of striped tuna to keep the boys busy for and hour or two. We left them biting at around 4.30 and steamed for the Port and arrived in a little after 6pm. It was good to have a great bunch of guys on board and have a few beers with them at the pub last night. Hopefully Andy & Browney got into a few fish today on Andys boat.

With the current the way it was there was no bait holding at the moment at the car park and very few boats out. With the full moon approaching it will run pretty hard but should start to back off over the following week and we will hopefully start to see the bait starting to hold.

Anyway we still have plenty of dates available - give Damien a call on 0407 113349 and he can let you know what dates are available and take any bookings. Remember if you do two days you will save $200 per day on the standard weekend rate.

Cheers Mike

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