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NSW car rego costs

Catchin Jack

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Hi Raiders,

I got rego renewal for one of our cars today (4wd wagon) and noticed how much the rego has increased, once I pay pink slip, ctp and then rego it's going to work out around $900. Last year it was around $650.

Anyone else noticing the same thing?

Apparently it's a one off tax for "weight" but the pruis and "green cars" are exempt.

Shame Labour SHAME !!!!

PS- EVERYTHING is going up in price but haven't seen wages go up in years unless you work for parliament haha, they must think we're made of money :ranting2:

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Hey Fezza,

That's only the start for this year wait until you start getting your

utility bills if you havent already. Check the usage it'll probabley less or same

but paying more. from memory 60% increase over the next 2yrs. :mad3:

your right about wages, from people I have spoken with most companies have been

tightening up, this has a roll on effect to employees

Our company is even contemplating turning lights off :wacko:

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