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Do we have any one who can fibreglass/Boat repairs


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Hi Guys,

The time has come to replace the transom on my boat an as some of the stringers will probably need replacing the floor will have to be redone as well.

Now i am still trying to decide which way to go for this boat all of the shop quotes are out of the question if i am paying their quotes i'd be better off with another bigger boat

The other option find someone who can assist me on replaing the transom and floor for a case of beer and some cash i am happy to do the work i just have no confidence in fibreglassing in such a major part such as the transom and stringers also uncapping the boat seems a 2 man job so i'd like someone who has done it before.

I will get in a fibreglass if i am certian i am doing it the right way i don't mind trying the floor myself as that is not a major structure

The major benefit i can see from this way is i can get the floor layout i want with a reliable sold boat

So if anyone is interested or has the skills send me a message and we can go from there if it seems to fit in a reasonable budget ill go with this method.

Thanks guys

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So i have decided to give replaing the transom a try, i removed the rubber strip from around the boat and under that is what may be fibreglass or a glue holding the two halves together, now i cant see where each side starts and i don't want to start chiseling in and damage either side

does anyone have any ideas

really seems like it is going to be easier to just pay someone to do it ... but then i need to find someone who doesnt want and arm an a leg


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