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oxidising aluminium


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hey guys im in the process of taking the paint off my boat below the chine line as it is bad nick just wandering i wanted to just polish it up as it is a pretty common place to lose paint

would there be any problems with oxidisation coz i noticed heaps of new boats with no paint on the bottom but also wandering is it some how treated aluminium or something or is there an aluminium sealer available and has anybody else done this and how did they find it?

any info would be greatly appreciated

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Aluminium has a great ability being able to not rust. Rare for metal in general. I wouldn't bother polishing it but I mean a sand back would do. Just finish on a 400ish paper.

Sadly Aluminium stains very easily and water can even etch the hull. This is why you wouldn't bother polishing it.

In regard to the bottom of new boats being bare it could be Anodised which is a process where the hull is electrified in water and a additive is added into the water which it is in. Doubt you'll find a pool big enough though ;) Most tinnies will be bare though. Same material

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