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port hacking


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As said Grays point and the baths are as good a spot as any.

Try the flats at the front of Burraneer Bay for flathead.

All around the front of South West Arm for bream, flathead and whiting, if the water is a bit murky or it is really overcast go to the eastern side and have a go along the shore line, if it is clear go the Warumbul side where the water is deeper.

Little Turreil Bay sometimes delivers good bream on a risining tide.


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Guest Aussie007

most of the port hacking is calm the only rough section is where gunnamatta bay channel meets the main channel at burraneer point as its shallow the water rips through there plus on a big swell day waves break on the other side of the markers i use to often explore the whole port hacking in a 12ft tinny even on the roughest days the worse u will see is below the video is burraneer point

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