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Thursday Afternoon Kings


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Launched the boat this afternoon at around 3:00pm. As i walked down the pontoon to the boat i saw some fish which fired me up in the wrong way :ranting2: . A couple of kingy carcasses which had been filleted that were all of about 55cm. I hope whoever kept them gets caught soon!

My first target was squid to use for kingy baits. It was not happening unfortunately and after an hour and a bit I had enough of wasting time and decided to suss out the main harbour markers with plastics.

My girlfriend and I landed quite a few rat kings which were busting up in the main harbour. Most were around 55cm to 60cm and although small, gave a good account for themselves on my 8lb spin outfit.

I also landed a solid fish around 85cm which was a good break from the rats. The fish was very thick and in good condition which was great to see.

post-6215-057842800 1295528206_thumb.jpg

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