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Hawkesbury River 13 jan (jew)


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hay raiders

long time no report been trying as of late to catch my first real jewfish

me and my mate and his 2 sons hit the Hawkesbury River for an all nighter on the 13 of jan water a flithy and it rained a little bit on and off

we must have caught a 100 catfish between 4 of us and we started to get bored

so we decided to catch prawns by hand that were in the rocks and surroundings we mananged 1 large one and 2 small ones my mate toss him on the bank and the shock killed it

i said their goes your live bait idea anyhow my mate puts him on his rod and alittle after the change of tide bang the reel is screaming short fight later and a drag through a rocky outcrop a 58cm model is landed as we had no net due to lack of space

small jewie caught on fresh as scampy prawn 20lb leader on standard running rig

post-9942-028143400 1295660079_thumb.jpg

im still jew less but im useful for something anyone want their photo taken anyone lol



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Well done Mick and congrations- doing an all nighter is sometimes what it takes to come up with the goods.

My brother and i FISHED the hawkesbury and surrounds from 4.30am till 330pm on the 17th and did not even get a bite or a throw back.

The current was raging thru the hawkes on that day.

Twin 1 :thumbup:

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