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Fishing at Fenninghams island (Port Stephens)


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G'Day Fellow raiders,

Have been up at our caravan at the island for a week now, have been turning my hand to being a fishing guide as my sister and husband joined us with their kids.

Spent most of the week with the Brother in law and his mate in the boat trying to catch a few fish and show off my fish guiding skills but as they say I think I will stick to being a sparky. Things have been very slow as opposed to what we are used to here, have managed to catch a few whiting and the odd Flathead but 2 of the flathead came off the beach in the late arvo.

Today they went home and just like clock work the fish seem to come on with us getting 2 Flathead 4 nice whiting and a good flounder in about a 2.5 hr session. Still quiet for this place but things are looking up a bit I will be here for the rest of next week so Hopefully I can get some fish and a few photos as well.



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