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Minn Kota ipilot gps


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Hi Hamerz - firstly the Minn Kota website has a pretty good description of the functionality of the i-Pilot. You can fit the i-pilot to your minn kota riptide, I have just done so successfully. You will need to remove your control box at the top of your motor and can do so with very basic tools. Our sponsors will provide a very competitive price of just over $700 for the i-Pilot kit.

The i-pilot has many advanced functions including the ability to spotlock (ie use the GPS function on the i-Pilot to maintain your position like an anchor, very useful when you find a school of fish or a snag you want fish on), you can save a particular track (ie a part of the bank you fish) and move along at the speed you desire via the cruise control function and it has an advanced auto-pilot function.

I have just finished a very successful 8 day trip to Lake Glenbawn where the i-Pilot was very extremely useful in the blustery conditions (I will submit the report later this weekend).

cheers Paul

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