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Hi Guys,

We fished yesterday south from Kiama, all the way down to Point Perp! As in many other areas at present , the birds were quick to jump upon the schools of stripies busting up the surface.

Firstly, we easily picked up two small stripies for the tubes then realised that catching tuna, hindered our search for Marlin. We replaced the small lure, however, the tuna still took the

bigger ones, including the skipped rigs. The water was 25.4 , current about 1.5. We fished the 140-170m area for most of the day. Without targeting tuna, we still ended up with 14 ! Had to get a few for shark'in!

A few boats throughout the day reported several hook - ups!

We started at the same area that was holding bait two weeks ago and then headed south. After several hours the swum garie got smashed, then the fish dropped the bait, only the turn and hit

the big pakula sprocket on the other corner. After 20 mins with many aerials, the fish won freedom. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The point of the hook was considerably bent!

The sea had settled slightly, so we decided to skip a garie in a McWog........ this got hit by a big stripey and as we cleared the teasers, a big Marlin smashed the stripey! Jason struggled to extract

the rod from the holder under strike load.

Around 6pm, more tuna schools and birds resulted in us hooking up to another fish on the short corner,......... yes the sprocket again! The fish swum past a skip and swim bait to hit this thing!

Don't you hate lures? Jumped him off as well!

Always next week!

ps Forgot about the little yellowfin we found straying with the stripies!




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