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night fish in lower parra fri 21st


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hey raiders

went for a night fish in search of the elusive jews that have been mocking me so armed with livies and 3 rods i hit the parramatta river on friday night its was very quite on the fish front my livies were getting bumps but nothing serious like i had wanted

i think tailor my have been chewing on them as my hooks would come up clean them around the change of tide i got a thump then no more bits on my old faithful the ugly stick tiger bring her in and wow the theirs a beautiful flathead netted it yeha

my biggest and new PB i was going to put her back as i was excited but i new i could get 3 meals from her

my wife does not eat fish so more for me quickly reset the rod and put it in the same spot as soon as the livie hit the bottom it got hits straight away boom boom boom i waited for a run that never came reeled it in i was bitten off clean my two snelled 5/0 hooks were gone the rod had 15 lb leader i quickly upgraded to 20lb i got it out alas

the area went quiet just the regular bumps waited the night out till my projected time to leave the jews had won but i had a fantastic consolation prize my best flattie it went 73cms weighted a bit under 3kgs and im having some flattie fillets for lunch yummo



post-9942-057786600 1295743610_thumb.jpg cant forget the scissors


post-9942-032084000 1295744141_thumb.jpg


post-9942-043542400 1295743433_thumb.jpg fish wrapped in bag no mess

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