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Woy Woy


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Hey Everyone,

So finished work early on friday to meet up with SQUIDIN and head to woy woy for some whiting.

Got there at about 7pm, started squiding at first with nothing.

Then started using worms and got 4 whiting, smallest at 34 cm and biggest at 38. Caught about 20 fish all together.

We also netted a blue swimmer.

I started using a hard plastic for some tailor and caught a few undersized and a pike.

So was quite a great night.

I caught my first ever legal whiting, my first pike, my first fish on a lure and my first crab. Seems the fever has set in and just want to fish all the time.

Coming from a fijian family, the fish were devoured before i even unpacked my car and washed my gear, so sorry no photos this time.

Thanks Moe for the trip.


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Hey man,

We fished a few spots, it was my first time in woy woy so not sure... But all I know is that it was off a wharf and the current was really bad... You need a big sinker and at least a 10 footer to cast into the channel.

Should hit squidin up since he was the one directing me. Next time you head that way let me know, I might tag along.


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