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new boat ?


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Hi Guys

i have a very wealthy family member who is selling there cruise craft bowrider hustler 570 1990 model i think and they have asked me to make an offer no matter how ridiculous it is. The boat is in immaculate condition, in 2005 it was fitted with a brand new Mercury optimax 175hp hydrolic steering all new upholstery through out and since being installed it has done 42 hours this is correct as i have been out with them on most of the trips

My question is what are they worth and what should i offer?


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How much is it worth? You should google it. I have no knowledge myself, but a quick google suggested the boat could be worth $15,000 - $20,000.

How much is it worth to you? That's a hard one.

Upkeep, insurance, maintenance, storage, etc all cost money. Significant money. Do you have the funds to be able to pay for the upkeep of the boat?

Also - is this boat is right for you? You want a boat this size? This style? This hull? Where will you be using it? If you bought a boat yourself, either new or second hand, you'd be doing a lot of research into what boat is right for you. Since you're not getting a choice for this boat - it may not be perfectly right for you. It may not fit you like a glove. It may annoy you, and be a pain for you. And so the value is less for you.

How much should you offer? Depending on your circumstances, how much money you have, and how keen your family member is to "keep it in the family", you might consider offering $5,000, which is significant money, but still token, or (if it's really worth $20,000) - offer $15,000, which is close to the real value, but a significant discount.

Good luck!


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