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Got my mojo back..... well half of it anyway.


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Hey guys,

I havent put up a report for a while because ... well.... i havent had anything much to report other than a few horse tailor, plenty of bonnies and an amberjack.

So on sunday i thought it was time to try longy again as the harbour hasn't been giving me much love. I poked my nose round north head after catching 1 live squid and 8 yakkas to find the wind was already up and seeing as though it would be a slow trip to longy anyway i decided to throw out some marlin lures in the hope of attracting one of the small blacks that are around at the moment. We had one small run on the way there but with no hook up so im guessing it was just a little striped tuna or a bonnie or something as it didnt sound real convincing and i didnt see anything.

When we got to longy we were greeted by about 30 boats and yaks, :thumbdown: i thought i was the only one that new about that secret spot!

When i lifted the lid on the livie tank i was greeted with a very white very dead squid that had one of his legs caught under the lid:ranting2: . Bugger, things didnt get much better in the next 30 minutes with hanging the bomb up on a pinicle and loosing it, to loosing 7/8 of the yakkas to little rats with no hookups. With the last one i knew it was small fish hitting them so i gave it literally about 2 minutes to swallow the damn thing and finnaly came up tight and boated one of the rats!!!!

Then seeing as though the squid was dead it was stripped up into 5 pieces and the head. well the head took all of about 2 minutes to go off and my cousin boated the little guy you can see in the photo. The strips recieved the same treatment and when i realised just how hungry they were we stripped up the strips some more and ended up turning one medium sized squid into 7 more fish on the boat. No keepers but with my current form at least we got to hear some drags turn and get 9 kings on deck! :biggrin2:



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