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Quick After Work Fish


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Came home from work today to see that the sea had flattened off and the tide was coming in. There was still plenty of light as I work 5am to 1pm. Launched the tinnie just before 3pm and spent an hour and a half on a flat calm sea and probably could have gone half way to OZ but only went a few hundred metres in the 10 footer.

Bought home 4 snappas and threw about 6 back. Had a bunch of small boil ups around the boat the Kahawai were feeding on some tiny fish. I could see the Kahawai swimming under the boat but some dummy on the boat ran out the door with a Rod and a bag of pillies and no lures :wacko:

(that would be me)

No good pics as I dont take the digi out in the tinnie just this one of the Chilly Bin


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Guest bluecod

Nice going Clutch, those reds look appetising.

You must be having a bit of a dry spell of late, there's no :beersmile: in the chilly bin - then again they've probably already been sunk. :biggrin2:

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